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I have many interests, but there are some areas I focus on more than others. The most important areas that I either engaged in the past or are still engaging are found below. They are not ordered by importance

Who am I

This is a question I am still working my way through, as the answer has many layers. It is work in progress revealing my genuine identity, and it becomes clearer to me over time. Meanwhile you may read what I do to get a sense of Who am I.



If you like to contact me you can sent me an email: Contact@ScottyBrampton.com



I completed my medical study and worked 1 year in a university hospital, followed by 2 years in a large oncological  practice. I also completed a 3 month TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) course for doctors in Beijing and learned acupuncture and the basics of herbal medicine.

After a brief time practicing as a physician,   I decided to stop working in the medical environment and started a carrier as a software Freelancer. Now, 22 years later, I am moving back into the medical field with my own direction of combining the energy artist, the healer and the physican into one expression.

Energy Artist

An energy artist is more attuned to manipulation of energy. This is not necessarily the manipulation of things or objects, but rather the manipulation or redirection of energy. In doing so perception is influenced. An energy artist also incorporates the ability to influence other individuals’ perceptions by connecting with the other individuals’ energy.


ELIAS: I am exceptionally encouraging of you my friend. You have accomplished much, and you continue to do so. And in that you are a genuine explorer. And I would always be encouraging of that, and I would express that your ability is strong, your desire is tremendous, and your allowance of yourself to move in the directions that allow you to be that explorer is tremendous. It genuinely is an inspiration.


My understanding is that both a physician and a healer involves the participation of the individual in the healing process. The main difference with these two are that the healer involves the element of faith. Faith is the expression and the action of trusting what you don’t know and what you can’t see, yet. Energy healing is not understood nor is the existence of energy per see accepted. That will change in the near future. as energy healing requires this faith on the part of the individual being healed.


I am in the final throes of publishing my first book. “The Naure of Trauma”. A book that containes my talk with Elias, a dead guy that communicate through a channeller and my own experiences in relation to clients and trauma.

There is another book project in the making. Once Rose and I are establishing the full energy exchange, she wants to dictate a book about the nature of perception.

Another idea that I had recently is to write a book about my experiences in establishing the energy exchange with Rose that goes into the 5th year now.


Since I started to read channeled material I always  wondered how it feels to do such an energy exchange with another essence. That fascination about the experience slowly increased until in 2016 when I decided to start engaging such action. I started with Patel (a channelled Essence) and experienced three severe ear inflamations every time I engaged his energy in one of my altered states of consciousness. Elias subsequently advised that I seek out a more compatible essence. I asked who would have an interest, and Rose expressed an interest. At that time I thought it would take me only a couple of months to accomplish this. I had no idea how many adjustments on both sides would be required.


Since I was a teenager I loved woodworking, but I was never interested in doing it full time. I have had long breaks in which I would not enter my workshop, and now I spend days in it trying new things. I find this a balancing action in relation to energy manipulation and some of my other weird explorations. This produces something that I can show to other people and it is quite grounding, which is not true for many other activities that I like to engage.  Here you see some of my work.


Senior Software Developer

I worked twenty years as a Freelancer in the Health care industry and was developing software for several companies. In this I could use my medical background as a physician  but could also use my abilities to develop software. These abilities I started to develop when I was 16 and still going to high-school. I financed most of my study, my car and my flat as a student through working as a software developer while at the same time studying medicine.

Father and husband

I am father of three wonderful kids and I have a wife that is now working as a healer as well.

Becoming an energy artist and healer

My father was a successful forestry researcher and professor who was quite focused on scientific research and held several patents. Although he did not share his scientific worldview tremendously in his interactions with my siblings and I, it was definitely recognized and assimilated by us.

I grew up with that scientific worldview and it influenced me to trust only things that were tangible and, in a way, verifiable. When growing up, you do not objectively think about all these things, rather, you look at your parents and simply copy many of their behaviors by observing what they do and how they do it. Early on I developed a fascination for superheroes and many things that seemed a little weird at that time, but I also was the son of my father. So, although there was this fascination for the unseen and the unexplainable present, I thought of these notions mostly as pure fantasy and wishful thinking.

I was definitely a daydreamer who liked to immerse myself into tremendous fantasies, but at the same time I was quite the scientist and was quite logically oriented. During early adolescence, the daydreamer side of me became less and less important and eventually was pushed into the background. That was the time when I held most closely to a scientific view of the world. Although I was not really happy with it and wished that there would be much more, I was not able to experience and trust that. It took time to reveal that other side again, to trust it as real, and to widen my scientific view of the world.

I started to generate a very strong fascination with programming through the rise of programming possibilities. I still recall the tremendous excitement that I felt when my father showed me his programmable HP65 scientific calculator. That was the first magnetic cardprogrammable handheld calculator. It had room for 100 keystroke instructions and it also included a magnetic card reader/writer to save and load programs. This fascination for programming accompanied me for most of my life and only in recent years have I lost it.

Programming is very logically oriented and you have to be quite precise in the commands that you type. There is little to no room for other unseen aspects of reality. At least I thought so at that time. Today I am aware that computers do show behaviors once in a while that are not completely explainable by their programs. I started studying medicine while I was already working as a programmer in a small engineering company that expanded quickly. In medicine, at least at that time, there was again no room for a greater reality beside the pure scientific facts.

In recent years, science has come closer to a place where many questions of matter and creation cannot be understood unless consciousness is accounted for and factored in. There is a growing acceptance that there exists something much greater than the objective world of matter. Now many reject the idea that consciousness is produced by brain processes. Instead, they turn to the alternate view that consciousness is actually a fundamental quality of the universe. The weird phenomena seen in quantum mechanics likely opened the door for a such a perception, which goes far beyond Newtonian mechanics. The next step will be accepting that there exists not only one objective reality, but that each person creates their reality through their own perception. This will be seen when that next step is taken.

I share this to clarify my own worldview, and to explain that it was not easy for me to change that worldview. It was not easy to start accepting that you simply can know something, but may have no idea how you received that knowing, accepting that there was no objective action involved and that it seemed impossible to have received such information. It was difficult to accept energy as real, especially since we cannot yet display it with any device. However, this scientifically oriented attitude served me well in some respects. It was the reason that I was always looking for ways to validate all the things that I tapped into, as much as possible,. Had you asked me about energy in general twenty years ago, I would have expressed very different insights. Today consciousness is as real as energy is for me. I cannot explain both of them yet, but that is fine with me for now

There exist many different definitions for spirituality; however, for me spirituality is the idea that a transcendent reality exists beyond the external realm that our senses input to us. This is what I call consciousness, the source of the subjective world or the mind, as well the objective world of matter. Consciousness is the common ground from which the objective and subjective worlds are derived and in which they are united. Consciousness is all that is, and that is why I like to refer to it as the consciousness internet for obtaining information. Once you learn to access the consciousness internet and translate it into something that makes sense to you, you have access to literally everything that exists now.

My understanding of these things does not come from books, but rather from experiences, special experiences that could be called transcendent experiences. Mindaltering substances are one path to transcendence, but they’re not the only one. Transcendence is a fundamental part of the human experience. Since the dawn of our species, people have engaged in ritualistic prayer, song, and dance to induce transcendent states, and many have experienced such states in deep meditation.

During these states, experiences are extremely personal and no one can refute their authority and validity. I see transcendental experiences as encounters with the fundamental consciousness, in which we sense its presence in everything around us, including our own selves. We experience a sense of oneness with other human beings, nature or the world as a whole because oneness is the fundamental reality of things. It is what Elias calls the remembrance, piercing the veils of separation to the point that we can more or less clearly see through these veils and remember what we are and from where we come.

In the scientific worldview, all laws of nature discovered by scientists are considered provisional. They are considered to be approximations of deeper laws, not yet understood. They are constantly being revised as new experimental evidence is found or new and testable ideas are proposed. This process of revision is in fact the strongest difference between the methods and beliefs of science and those of spirituality. Everything that we know about the physical world in the scientific worldview is subject to revision. In that worldview, everything must be tested and proved. The knowledge or knowing that I speak of here comes from irrefutable personal, transcendent experiences. This knowing is not subject to revision and it is also not subject to experimental proof.

The knowing that I refer to is not an approximation. It is certain, although it cannot be proved yet. As the expression goes, “To each saint his candle.” The approximations of science have given us antibiotics, smartphones and rocketships that can land humans on the moon. I am not saying that science is bad or untrustworthy or useless, quite the opposite. However, science demands proof for what it believes, even though those scientific beliefs are constantly changing as new experimental evidence becomes available.

What I have learned in all these years is that even if the source of my knowing and the knowing itself is not an approximation, my translation of it is very much so. Imagine trying to read a scientific article in a language that you are not familiar with. Even if you begin to learn this language, when you read the article your translation of it will likely not be very accurate. The more familiar you become with the language, the more accurate your translation of the article will be. The article will not have changed, but what you translate changed will likely have changed tremendously. In the same way, a person’s translation of transcendental states changes with more selfawareness.

What I mean by that is that all people who have experienced transcendental states have been in contact with a source that simply is. This source does not need any proof and will not change, since it is not an approximation. However, all people need to translate this experience or information into something that makes sense here and now. Some may translate it into pictures, songs, fictions or text about the nature of consciousness. In whatever manner it is translated, it is an approximation that will change and become more accurate through engaging the source and the process of translating it more often.

The pitfall is that these states come with feelings like oneness, clearness, bliss, grandiosity, peacefulness and more. While these are valid translations, they can easily cloud, in my opinion, the realization that this transcendence is still a translation and an approximation. It is easy to believe that whatever your transcendent experience is, it is a connection to an immutable source. Nevertheless, it is only the first layer that most people see, that layer of translation. Any translation process requires a lot of practice to become accurate.

I am not saying that I am a perfect translator, but I have learned a lot in all these years by engaging transcendental states, or altered states of consciousness (ASC) as I like to call them now. I believe my scientific worldview and my skepticism have served me well by helping me to avoid pitfalls and to simply take for granted what I have experienced. I have moved far beyond my initial experiences and I have explored this layer of translation quite a bit. I learned by trial and error many of the pitfalls that linger there, and I learned about the limitations that I have with a certain level of selfawareness. I learned that there is no shortcut to circumvent a lack of selfawareness. I learned to distinguish different levels of selfawareness, and how to map different states of ASC with different levels of selfawareness.

I also learned that quite often I know something but it is extremely difficult for me to phrase it into words. I like to ask Elias for better wording concerning particular experiences and I trust how Elias phrases information that I have assimilated. Another thing that I learned is that I do not have to understand everything and know the mechanics of it in order to successfully use it. I accept that whatever I may know and whatever ability I might have does not require to fully understand it. The fact that I can use it in manners that are a benefit to me or others is enough for me. Our consciousness is far more encompassing than the things we can prove or understand in physical world reality.

When I worked as a physician, I liked to answer my patients when they asked for my opinion of alternative healing methods with the view of Paracelsus, that “He who heals is right”. There is no need to understand a certain method for it to be effective. The placebo effect is a great example of that. For years, a placebo effect was considered a sign of failure. A placebo is used in clinical trials to test the effectiveness of treatments and is most often used in drug studies. People in one group receive the drug being tested, while the others receive a fake drug or placebo. The experiment then measures how the drug works by comparing how both groups react. If they both have the same reaction — improvement or not — the drug is deemed not to work. So the gauge is the effectiveness of the placebo effect, but how exactly that placebo effect works is still not quite understood.

My journey as an energy artist started over forty years ago, when my brother was sharing with me his experience in visiting a shamanic seminar, in order to become more selfaware. The shamanic seminar used different techniques like breathing, music, drums and certain substances to provide people with assistance in exploring their own personality and inner realm.

Read more in the book

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